The first volume of my “Sustainable Urban Development Strategies” report has been released in collaboration with Concular which aims to facilitate the transition of the cities towards Circular Economy in the construction industry. Below you can find this report, in which I have tried to touch mainly on the existing urban potentials and barriers by adapting circularity for the procurement of construction materials.

This is while our efforts has been not only been validated by many major European environmental and engineering entities, but in my last attempt to present our cause in front of a jury during the course of Climathon in Zurich, I was nominated as one of the winners for “Circular Districts” challenge by the Stadt Zurich and the Climate-Kic which coordinated this event. You can watch the full event by clicking the image below:

We have mentioned that one of our main focuses on for this website would be introducing subjects related to urban transformation. For that we have already discussed certain aspects of transportation and mobility.

But the truth is that urban construction, within any private or public context defines an extremely important aspect of how a city formulates its form and defines its identity. Today, we cannot anymore just continue on our “business-as-usual” construction procurement and we need to establish more sustainable workflows that can ensure us with more environmental friendly practices.

Concular wants to close the loop in the construction industry by creating an online ecosystem where the current linear building material procurement can be replaced with a more environment friendly approach.


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