the case for the novel corona virus (2019-nCoV), first detected in Wuhan city, China in December 2019 and World Health Organization has just announced it as a pandemic which raises a lot of questions about why and how this decision has taken so long and what would differ in this current set of protocols.

While many people are searching vividly about the symptoms and I am personally deeply touched by how it has effected my home country more than many others so far, I do believe that this virus has the potential to teach us something that we have way too long forgotten about.

When this outbreak first occurred in China, just like how our minds are trained to neglect the overwhelming waves of bad news we see and hear in the media, whether it is a tornado hitting Florida or the droughts spreading in Africa and the number of children killed in Syria, we scroll through these human matters without simply engaging part of our memory and whilst we have activist and scientists screaming about such global issues as climate_change and other challenges by our natural environment that only require international cooperation, we sit and relax in our comfortable rooms and plan what to do about our travels next month or what marketing strategy to adapt to increase our sales for the next quarter, but here we are facing an issue, that does not recognize developing or modern society. Doesn’t care about social class and the amount of capital and cannot be just blamed upon the other country by politicians because it does not do anyone good.

The absolute need for Solidarity is becoming sensible through this exam, if we as people can make amends for what we have already lost.



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  1. One of the biggest problems facing world society is to be concerned only with personnel, and those who think globally are in the minority. This pandemic shows this clearly to society.
    Globalization facilitates access to information in real time and maintained the false sense of detachment from the facts – what happens in one point on the globe does not affect a distant point. With Covid-19, a new view of the global population here and there, the focal point before, has now become the starting point of the fact – epicenter. So that the vision of the there is part of the here.

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