Yaren is a citizen assistant that aims to insure an intelligent choice when it comes to real-estate investments. It functions as an interface between citizens, city officials and property development industry.

Today, there is an increasing concern about how more than half of the population of the world is now living in cities. Urban areas are responsible for consuming two third of the energy in the world and count for 70 percent of GHG emissions.

When it comes to choosing the right property to buy or rent, there are just too many details that we cannot be aware of as average citizens, understanding the whole nature of the environmental aspects of an urban area, is almost impossible for any individual to grasp.

This is why we want to introduce a dynamic “Liveability Index” that can match the preferences of the users and their available budget with the best available offer that can be found in available databases, and this is how our assistant can insure citizens about making a well-informed decision. 


Due to complexity of urban systems and the fact that we have different preferences based on our age, social group or occupation, it is rather hard to give similar offers to what each individual needs.

By introducing Yaren, we are connecting citizens ,the city and its environment and by the adaptation of enhanced Artificial Intelligence models and we are giving them the best real-estate option that suits their needs, budget and individual lifestyle.


As a result of our R&D based project , we are helping cities reach their Sustainable Development Goals and we hope that Yaren can become the frame of reference for the urban innovation projects that are working in environmental intelligence domain.